Angelino’s Launched Espresso Capsules, And I’m Obsessed


There’s something about the look and smell of a freshly brewed espresso that makes me melt. You know exactly what I mean if you’ve experienced this yourself. There’s no denying the indulgent aroma of coffee that attracts even those who swear they aren’t coffee drinkers. 

I grew up in a traditional coffee-loving household; my mother would brew a hot pot of coffee every morning and so I woke up to the aroma of coffee filling every inch of my home. It was an atmosphere I always appreciated. 

It was a no-brainer that eventually drinking coffee would become a natural part of my everyday life. Some may call it an addiction, I say otherwise. And even if it is…so what? 

Always Up For Something New

In my earlier days of drinking coffee, I discovered Angelino’s. The coffee was high quality and surprisingly affordable, satisfying my coffee cravings using a Keurig in college. My love for coffee grew as I became more adventurous with coffee. Because of that, I’m always eagerly on the hunt for new coffee launches to share with you all and Angelino’s particularly stands out. 

Having been influenced by the habits of my colleagues, I started to prefer gourmet espresso as my daily coffee fix. This led me to buy my first Nespresso Original machine. My heart rate spiked once I learned that Angelino’s launched Nespresso compatible capsules!! I made my first purchase and luckily got 10% off my order with the code: PC10P002. Click here if you’re interested in checking it out for yourself!

Once I got the espresso capsules in the mail, it was love at first sight. From the modern look and feel of the packaging to the vibrantly colored aluminum capsules themselves–I am absolutely here for the aesthetics!

Angelino's Nespresso Compatible Capsules - Enigmatic

My Review

Instantly at first glance, I knew that Enigmatic was going to be my personal favorite. This particular aroma made me nostalgic of my childhood. Perhaps this was the feeling I didn’t know I was missing with the other capsules I’ve brewed in the past. 

The taste embodied my favorite combination of nutty, chocolate notes. It reminded me of the nights I’d spent with my grandma as she’d allow me to dip my chocolate cookies in her coffee. That easily made it a winner in my book. 

While I did love the others, Luminary was one I didn’t expect to appreciate as much as I did. My instinct is to reach for darker, richer roasts and steer clear of light roasts as they tend to be too weak, however, I appreciated the delicacy of it. The floral notes stood out to me. I imagined myself drinking this perfect cup of coffee on vacation, surrounded by all the sweet and beautiful things in life. 

I spent the rest of the month indulging in these espresso capsules and nothing else. It perfectly suited my day-to-day activities whether I was looking for a tasty morning treat or a light afternoon pick me up. Once again, Angelino’s succeeded in getting me hooked on their coffee and I am eager to share it with the rest of the world. Don’t forget, you get 10% off your first order of Angelino’s Espresso Variety Pack with the code: PC10P002!