Coffee Isn’t The Only Thing You Can Brew With Your Keurig


When I first bought my keurig, I knew my morning routine was about to change, and for the better! I no longer have to rush to a coffee shop, waste time in line and be late to work. Its convenient (and affordable) way of brewing coffee has given me a sense of relief. Making my morning cup of coffee takes me two to three minutes at most and I save so much time. I grab my favorite Angelino’s Coffee Keurig Compatible Pods (right now, I’m loving their medium-roast line), pop it into the Keurig, brew, and enjoy the freshest most flavor-packed cup I’ve ever had.

After a while, I started to be curious about how else I could use my Keurig. Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee, but I wanted to know if I could switch things up and get even more use out of my brewer. Turns out there are a lot of things you can make with a Keurig machine and I’m showing you my favorite creative hacks!

Brew A Cup Of Tea

While I do love drinking coffee, sometimes during the afternoon I prefer something much lighter! When I found out that you can brew tea with a Keurig too, I was ecstatic and eager to try it. At first, I assumed that you could use the Keurig to brew warm water then adding in a tea bag… but get this, it gets better. 

Yes, there are k-cup options for tea! I quickly purchased a tea variety from Angelino’s and the flavor was just as amazing! My favorite was the classic English Breakfast tea. That easily became my morning favorite when I wanted to switch things up from coffee.

Pair Your Coffee with Oatmeal

The Keurig is so versatile that it can not only make your morning cup of coffee, but also make your morning breakfast preparation much easier for you. Did you know you can prepare oatmeal with a Keurig machine? You read that right! All you will need is a cup of instant oatmeal (you can find it in just about every grocery store).

You’ll want to run your Keurig machine without a pod in place directly into your bowl and let sit for a minute. You can then add whatever you want to your bowl. I add a few drizzles of maple syrup, a cut-up apple or banana, and some pecan nuts on top. Voilà! The perfect start to the day — a delicious cup of coffee paired with a nutritious breakfast. 

Whip Up a Refreshing Iced Coffee Latte

During the summer, a cup of steaming-hot coffee is less than desirable for me. My solution to this is easy and just as tasty! When I discovered how to make iced coffee lattes, I finally felt balanced! Imagine brewing your favorite coffee brand and being able to have the consistent flavor of it in both a hot or cold beverage. My mood changes so this flexibility to switch it up has been amazing!

Brew a cup as you normally would but make sure to add plenty of ice and a splash of your favorite milk or cream. My all-time favorite is Angelino’s Dark Roast, it’s versatile for both hot and cold recipes. It’s strong but still has pleasant chocolate notes, which gives it a really balanced flavor profile. If I’m feeling particularly indulgent, I’ll even add two or three pumps of flavored coffee syrup. Some days, I like to brew a few k-cups to store in a glass container for a couple of days worth of iced coffee.

Make Hot Chocolate, but ICED

Yes, you read that right! Hot chocolate doesn’t have to be a seasonal beverage for the winter! Sure, it’s perfect for when the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, but creating an iced version of it is just as comforting for the cooler seasons! What can I say, it makes me feel all cozy inside year-long. Fortunately, with a Keurig, you can ditch the over-the-stove method and brew this delicious treat with ease. 

It is more common to find hot chocolate in its powdered form and pouring it into a mug of hot water. Add a handful of marshmallows for good measure and you’ve got yourself a cup to warm you up from the inside! This method is popular, however, most days I rather skip the powder mess and pop in Angelino’s Hot Cocoa. Heaven in a cup!

Unmatched Versatility

By now, you can see how versatile your Keurig machine can be. You can truly tailor it to your taste preferences. If you’re like me where your morning cup is dependant on your mood, this will be extremely useful to you! Angelino’s coffee will always be my go-to for the mornings but I do love having options and testing new recipes and hacks with the Keurig. From quick, delicious meals to hearty, comforting drinks, you now have a lot of things to try with your machine, too!

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