I Returned My First Keurig Machine As I thought There Was Something Wrong With It!

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I’d never been much of a coffee machine girl. I liked to keep things simple and it always seemed like there was no reason to mess with something that worked – namely my stove-top brewer. It made coffee just fine, it tasted how I wanted and I wasn’t searching for a problem to solve.

I had woken up that morning and gone to put the stove on and start brewing my coffee when nothing happened. No gas, no noise, nothing.

I sat there in my nightgown trying to figure things out when just as I was about to call out to my husband for help, the neighbor knocked on my window and nearly scared the life out of me!

I shrieked “What the hell are you doing knocking on my window at this time in the morning?!” and he replied “I’m so sorry, I just needed to let you know that the builders apprentice accidentally dug too deep out the front of our property and they cut the gas line. So for safety, we have had to turn off the gas to both of our houses!”

I sighed and said “What am I supposed to do for my morning coffee or my shower?…” to which he replied “I’m so sorry, once again. If you need a shower you can use our one as we have electric hot water.” I nodded and then he added “but for your coffee, have you ever thought about getting a keurig machine?”

I looked at him with a puzzled look and said “why would I do that? How will that help me?” and he said “Well, it’s much quicker, it’s electric and i prefer it over my other stuff” and It clicked to me that I had been a bit of a dinosaur.

I got dressed, fixed up my hair and headed off down the shop on a mission to get a Keurig machine.

It was love at first sight, but not first taste!

When I got back from the shop an hour or so later, I plugged in the shiny new machine. It looked great. I checked over the instructions and decided to try my first cup of coffee. I was excited as I had been doing things the same old way for so very long.

I put the K-Cup in the machine, pressed the button and coffee started to come out. I quickly grabbed the cup and took my first sip. I was waiting for that beautiful hit of fresh coffee…

To my surprise, the coffee was so weak and bland. Something was wrong with it. I double-checked the instructions and then made another cup. The same thing, weak, watery, and almost stale-tasting coffee.

I went searching for my neighbor but they weren’t around, so the next thing I did is pack up the machine and take it back to the shop and they apologised and said there must be something wrong with the machine.

They swapped it over and I headed back home again with another shiny Keurig machine then proceeded to perform the same ritual. Unpack the machine, fill it up, plug it in and press the button.

I got ready for heaven… but the same darn thing happened. The coffee was disgusting!

Just then I yelled out to my husband “Why does life have to be so hard?!” and added “Can’t I just have a decent cup of coffee?!” and as I said that my neighbour happened to be walking down the side of my house on their way back to the building site.

He stopped and said to me “Oh dear, things aren’t going so well with the Keurig machine?” and I replied “It tasted like rubbish. How can you drink this Keurig coffee?” and the look on his face was one of horror.

He said to me “Oh, I totally forgot to mention to you that you need to get K-Cups from somebody else. The actual Keurig coffee is no good!”

I looked at him with a stare that was not kind and then a small smirk and said “Well, that would have been good to know earlier!”

Finding a new coffee isn’t as easy as it sounds!

With this new information in hand, I went back down the shop and decided to try and find a new coffee provider to use with my Keurig, and sure enough, within about half an hour I had found some new coffee that described itself as “Freshly roasted, locally made and America’s premium blend”

I grabbed myself a box and headed home. I was skeptical about the first two times I had headed home already today, so I was not as excited as the last time.

I went through the same ritual as before and fired up the machine, put the cup in, and pressed the button.

Just as I took a sip my husband walked past me and I spat the coffee out and screamed “How damn hard is it to find a coffee which doesn’t taste like garbage?!?” and he sort of giggled but then stopped very quickly when I gave him a stare. He said to me “calm down, breathe. Let’s just jump onto Google and see if we can find something else”

I took a second to compose myself and then said “ok, sure. Let’s see what’s around!”

I found some reviews that changed my life

After a few minutes of searching around, we came across a reviews site which ranked coffee providers by their positive reviews and we read hundreds, maybe thousands of 5-star reviews for this company called Angelino’s coffee.

People kept commenting on the flavor, the selection, the amazing service, the freshness of the coffee and so much more. Personally, I was skeptical, especially after the last few attempts to find a new coffee company.

But the more we dug, the more these reviews seemed to be written by real people as we clicked on their profiles and most linked back to real social media accounts. I was amazed!

We visited Angelino’s  and my first impression was WOW! So many flavors to choose from, every purchase includes free shipping and the whole family story just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.I took a leap of faith and decided to buy an experience pack and placed my order.

I went down to the local coffee shop to get my morning coffee and try to put today’s dramas out of my mind.

I found some reviews that changed my life

About a week later, I got home from going to the store and there was a box sitting on my front doorstep. I said out loud “oh thank god it finally arrived! I’m so sick of going to the store every day!”

I grabbed the box, walked inside, and quickly cut it open. The packaging was very nice but what really got me was a note from the founder, Kirk. It explained the whole family story of Angelino’s and after reading that, I quickly popped open the box.

I took the first K-Cup I could get my hands on, popped it into the machine, and pressed the button.

Immediately I could smell the difference. It was almost like I was sitting in a coffee roastery. So much aroma and so fresh.

The coffee also looked much silkier than the other stuff I had tried. I grabbed the mug with both hands, took a big sip, and let out a big sigh.

My husband came running downstairs and said “Are you Ok??!” to which I replied “Oh, I sure am OK! I’ve never been better!” and he laughed and then said, “So, you got your coffee sorted finally did you?”

I took another big sip of my coffee and said to him Sure did. I’ve just found our new daily cup. Angelino’s Coffee” and he replied “Well, what are you waiting for. Make me a cup!” and I replied “Make your own. I’m too busy drinking this one!” and smiled at him.

I rate Angelino's Coffee 4.5 out of 5 stars & recommend trying the experience pack out first.

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