I Tried A New Coffee Brand… Now I’m Hooked!


Here’s a little advice…if you’ve stuck to popular brand names for the entirety of your coffee drinking life then you have been missing out, my friends. Well, that’s why I’m sharing this. I’m on a mission to change the way you enjoy your coffee!! Being adventurous in trying new things does a lot for you. Anyway, this information could perhaps change your coffee enjoyment experience! (It definitely changed mine)

Every coffee lover has heard of the infamous Nespresso machines. I like to look at myself as a person who is current with everything that’s trending, so naturally, I purchased one because the at-home-barista experience was all over social media. Why not?

As I entered the coffee scene, I was mainly buying name brands. Like I mentioned before, I was easily influenced by the media, so my buying behavior was a reflection of that. But something told me I was missing out on something. This is when I realized that I needed to be a little more open-minded! So here’s what I learned when trying Angelino’s coffee for the first time. 

Bigger Brands Can Sometimes Just Be Mainstream

Take me for an example, I didn’t know much about coffee and just purchased the first brand that came to mind…I naively assumed that bigger brands have better quality and since they’re about the same price, why not just trust that they’re the way to go. WRONG! The reality is, smaller brands are just as good, if not better in quality and prices. 

This stigma that popular brands are just superior is ingrained in our culture, but I’m here to tell you that none of that matters. It’s about time we change the way people see small businesses! Their impact is far larger than we know! 

I can very honestly say that I enjoy my morning cup of Angelino’s coffee more now that I know that I’m supporting a brand that is sourced with passion, love, and values that have extended through 3 generations of family.

Every Brand Has Its Own Unique Roast Quality

Here’s the thing, you can’t really mess up espresso quality coffee, but as you try different brands, you realize that while their coffee is high in quality and taste, it might just not be the one for you. Every brand has a different way of roasting their coffee, you start to see, taste, and appreciate that the more you try different ones. 

As I became an avid coffee drinker, I noticed my friends and I did not share the same taste buds. I often did not like the coffee brands they offered me when I’d visit their house, I didn’t feel too connected to any of them. I made it my mission to find a brand that resonated with me most in terms of the origin of the roast, its roasting process, and of course the end result: aroma and flavor. 

I found that trying new brands not only got me closer to finding the taste that is best suited to my preferences but also helped create a better understanding of the work that goes into each brand’s unique roasting process.

Better Customer Service

Last but not least… my final reason, and the one that means a great deal to me. The quality of customer service is just as important as the quality of coffee you drink. In my experience, I’ve come across many larger brands that unfortunately could sacrifice a customer or two and afford the bad customer service.

I started to develop this mindset that bringing an issue up to customer service wasn’t worth the hassle of speaking to someone that often showed they didn’t care. This is what surprised me about Angelino’s. My first time ordering, I emailed their customer service contact to swap out a blend from my order. You know, most places I’ve dealt with instantly tell me that it’s not possible to make adjustments to the order or they just don’t respond at all. I felt strange at the fact that I got an email response the same day. Not only were they quick and responsive, but their overall tone was extremely friendly and helpful! Their responses were much more personalized and not just an automated system. I truly felt like a valued customer. 

I could list out more reasons, but these are the ones that changed my coffee experience entirely. Whether you’re new to the coffee life or an experienced drinker, it doesn’t hurt to try something new! I got 10% off Angelino’s using the code: PC10P001. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed, so click here and start shopping!