I Used to Hate Coffee Until I Found These K-Cups!


I have to tell you a secret: I can’t relate to anyone who drinks their coffee black with no sugar. Why would anyone want to start their morning like that? And for the longest time, I couldn’t relate to anyone who said they loved coffee either. I used to firmly believe coffee was not for me—it tasted stale, bitter, and oh-so-boring. I couldn’t imagine what was so great about it, especially with the ones I’ve given a chance. So imagine my surprise when a friend made me try a cup of Angelino’s Crème Brûlée coffee and my taste buds sang, my eyes went wide, my mind was blown. I couldn’t believe that coffee could have that much flavor, it was extremely eye-opening.

Angelino’s completely changed my perspective on coffee. I had been going about my life without the mere thought of it; I simply thought it was such a waste. Now, I can’t stop drinking it! Angelino’s Flavored K-Cups make my mornings with their delicious aroma; sweet, strong, and flavorful notes; and a much-needed energy kick.

If you are like me and not aboard the “normal” coffee train, you have come to the right place. I have listed all the possible reasons someone might have for not liking coffee. I’m a firm believer that if you have a distaste for coffee, it’s probably just because you haven’t had the right cup. By the end of this, you’ll come around—and I’d bet my monthly order of Angelino’s coffee on it! (Yes, I’m that serious about this whole thing!)

Coffee that doesn't taste stale.

If You Think Coffee Tastes Stale…
Most people who turn their noses up at coffee say their drink tastes stale. Which is a fair complaint! Most Keurig cups you find at the grocery store have been packaged and sent for distribution months prior, but not everyone knows this detail. You wouldn’t eat bread that was baked months ago, would you? So why settle for old, stale, rancid coffee?

You really shouldn’t. That was my main gripe with store-bought K-Cups. Even after buying a Keurig machine in the hopes that it would turn me into a coffee aficionado, I couldn’t bring myself to finish a single box. No matter what brand I tried.

After months of ordering Angelino’s Coffee K-Cups, I haven’t ordered anywhere else, and that says a lot. This small, family-owned roastery roasts and grinds their coffee beans just days before they arrive at your doorstep. Yes, you read that right. Because they cut out the middle man, you can enjoy fresh coffee like never before. It makes a real difference!

If You Think Coffee Tastes Bitter…
Now, if your main issue with coffee is its bitterness, boy do I have something for you. Since Angelino’s roasts all their ethically sourced coffee beans in-house in smaller batches and ships the coffee in just a few days, your coffee pods reach you in prime condition. You won’t find any of the old, bitter, burnt notes you would from “regular” K-Cups from the grocery store.

You would think larger coffee roasters would follow the same approach, but they don’t! The manufacturers just keep lining their pockets with minimum effort and no innovation whatsoever. It’s about time an independent roaster changed things up. We American consumers have become so accustomed to sad, burnt coffee that tastes like it was made during the Great Depression. In turn, we would drown our coffee in endless amounts of creamer and sugar to mask the bland flavor of the natural coffee. Point blank…we have been settling for less all this time. But there are better things out there, if you seek and find it.

So much flavor, it tastes as if you ordered from a coffee shop.

If You Think Coffee Tastes Plain and Boring…
Your coffee experience is what you make it: it can only be boring if you make it boring. Sure, if you brew a cup with a nasty store-bought K-Cup, you’re going to get a bitter mess. But if you go to a coffee shop and order a drink with infinite pumps of vanilla syrup and three packets of sugar, you’re going to get adult candy! Sure, it’s not very healthy, but it’s delicious!

Angelino’s understands that, which is why they won over my heart. My monthly order is a box full of unique flavored coffees to bring fun into this “stuck-up” beverage. It includes anything from a warming Maple Glaze to a decadent Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, but none of the added-sugar guilt I get from my coffee shop orders. Angelino’s Flavored Variety Pack is everything a non-coffee lover would need to change their minds—and good enough for a coffee snob to see a whole new facet of caffeinated drinks!

If You Think Good Coffee Is Too Expensive and Hard to Make…
Am I the only one who used to believe that “good” coffee cost an arm and a leg? I saw coffee lovers around me splurging on their caffeine addictions and being super fussy about their favorite brewing method. Coffee has to be a bougie drink, right? Wrong.

Turns out, coffee products can be quite affordable and taste amazing! All it takes is a coffee roaster setting their prices fairly and not tripping up customers with clever (but misleading) marketing strategies.

Once again, it was Angelino’s that taught me that. My monthly order of flavored and special edition K-Cups only costs me around 48 cents per coffee pod (but prices drop as low as 39 cents per cup if you place a bigger order). It’s an unbeatable price! Especially since I don’t even have to leave my home to go buy it; Angelino’s delivers every order to my doorstep.

I agree that sometimes paying a bit more can go a long way, but that hasn’t been my experience with flavored coffees. The higher prices Dunkin and other large coffee roasters charge are no match to my deliciously fresh Angelino’s K-Cups. Plus, I know my money is going to a more ethical, sustainable, and meaningful company when I buy from them.

Angelino's selection of organic teas are the best substitute for coffee on days you want to relax.

If You Just Want to Nurse a Warm Drink, No Coffee…
Lastly, if I haven’t been able to persuade you so far, don’t worry. I still have something up my sleeve. For those days when you just want to sip away at a comforting drink but don’t want a cup of coffee, I give you Angelino’s selection of organic teas.

It’s true! You can use your Keurig machine to brew tea as well. Whether you’re a fan of Herbal Peppermint Tea or more into a Spiced Bombay Chai, Angelino’s has a K-Cup for you. Their tea K-Cups are even more convenient than boiling a kettle of water and waiting for a tea bag to steep.

And even if that doesn’t pull you onto my team, could I tempt you with a deliciously decadent Angelino’s Hot Cocoa? (If you say no to that one, I’m not even sure we could be friends…)