Keurig Hacks to Make Your Mornings Easier


As a frequent coffee drinker, I have spent the last few years using my Keurig machine to its fullest potential. I can basically brew any of my Angelino’s kcups in my sleep if I wanted to, that’s how much I know the ins and outs of it! But here are a few things that stood out to me when I reflected on what truly enhanced my coffee experience every morning.

Use Filtered Water

I know this seems silly, but water makes a difference and is the key to the best cup of coffee. I would avoid using tap, distilled, or softened water. This type of water gives poor coffee extraction and ultimately changes the way your coffee tastes. Filtered water in my experience has produced the best cups for me! 

Monthly Maintenance

When you start to notice a taste difference in your coffee, I promise you, it’s not the coffee itself. It just means your Keurig machine needs a little cleaning! Over time, the oil build-up could be causing a blockage, making your coffee taste unpleasant. 

I recommend a quick cleaning once a month to maintain the cleanliness of your Keurig machine, especially if you use it daily. Don’t forget to squeeze in a descaling every 3-4 months to clean up the inside of your machine and improve the overall performance of your Keurig! Trust me, if you make time to do this, you will never have to worry about a bad cup of coffee ever! I could not imagine wasting one of my favorite Angelino’s kcups due to a poorly maintained machine!

Organize Your K-Cups

K-cup organizers are the number one investment everyone needs to make when owning a Keurig. For those of you who like to order your coffee in bulk, it’s important to keep them tidy. Waking up in the morning and choosing which coffee to brew has never been easier because of it. As an indecisive coffee drinker that constantly orders Angelino’s Variety packs, having an organizer makes my life so much easier. I love being able to display and arrange them by flavor. I don’t have to scramble in the morning to find a k-cup to brew when my options are in front of me. 

Prep Your Iced Coffee

When I say I love iced coffee, I really mean it. The fact that I can brew coffee the night before to prep my iced coffee for the morning is a true lifesaver. I’ll brew a couple of 8 oz cups of my favorite Angelino’s Sumatra dark roast, combine it in one large pitcher, let it cool down & keep it in my fridge for the next day. Every morning, my iced coffee takes no more than a minute to put together and I don’t have to stress making it out the door on time.

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