My Keurig machine was a disaster… until I learnt why!


I’ve always been a simple woman that likes to keep a pretty regular routine. Most mornings this means I get up at 6:00am, and get a few things done before anybody else in the house gets up.

Every morning I would make the kids lunches for school, quickly watch the news, have a shower and brew my pot of coffee on the stove. I knew it wasn’t the most modern way of doing things, but it was my way. It was always my little moment to myself so I enjoyed waiting for it to brew.

The mornings are the most peaceful time of day for me and I love every second of it. As my father used to say “Every minute spent organizing is an hour earnt” which I still live my life by.

By the time everybody else gets up in the morning I am ready for the chaos and it means I get to spend my time enjoying their company without feeling rushed.

Then came Christmas…

Last Christmas, my kids pitched in and brought me a Keurig machine as a present because they had always made jokes about the way I brewed my coffee.

Laura, my daughter, said to me as I had opened the present “Mom, you can now stop being such a dinosaur and throw that ancient artifact in the bin.” and my son added “Welcome tot he 21st century!” to which we all laughed and I said “Oh, darling, Sometimes the old ways are better than all these modern gadgets. But I love the thought behind the present – so let’s give it a shot”

The next morning, I opened up my shiny new Keurig machine and removed the plastic. I found a spot at the end of our kitchen bench to proudly put it and started to try and workout how to use it.

It took me a good hour or so to figure things out. First I put the K-cup in the wrong way, then I accidentally pressed the wrong button and messed up the first cup but finally, after a lot of frustration I got my first proper cup of coffee.

Everything looked fine, it had a nice smell and the coffee looked amazing. I sat down on my couch, ready to taste my first sip and then…

I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong… I hated it!

I spat the coffee out because it tasted horrible – so stale and so bitter. Nothing like my regular coffee. I figured that I had done something wrong and tried a different K-cup.

Round two, the same thing. The coffee tasted absolutely nothing like my normal brew and I was very disappointed.

Just then my husband got up and said to me ”What’s wrong, you look upset? Normally you’re so happy in the mornings. Are you ok?” to which I replied “No, I’m not ok. This coffee tastes disgusting. Here, why don’t you have a try!”

He took a big sip and then looked at me and said “Hmmm it tastes stale. Did you check the expiration date on the pack?” and I said “Yes! Everything looks fine I I’m not sure what could be wrong with it”

We both took the time to look through the manual for the machine, checked the box for the K-Cups and everything else but couldn’t see anything wrong with it. My husband also tried making a cup and the same thing happened. It tasted bitter and stale.

I asked my daughters for the receipt and decided that it was time to take it back to the store and let them figure out what was wrong with it.

I packed the thing back in it’s box and went back to the store!

Later on that day, I packed the machine up in it’s box and took all of the coffee with me down to the local store where my kids had bought the machine for me.

I walked in the front door and went straight up to the counter and said “Can you please help me out here. I just got this new machine and it tastes so bad. I think there’s something wrong with the machine”

The friendly man behind the counter said to me “Of course, let me help you check everything out.” and I said “Thank you so much!”

After a few minutes checking and double checking that everything was setup properly. He plugged the machine in and made me a cup of coffee. “Here you go Ma’am, try this.” he said to me and I took a nice big sup of the coffee.

“Yuck!” I said. “Here, you have a taste. The coffee tastes stale!” to which he replied “Hmmm let me quickly make another cup for myself”

I looked at him as he made another cup and watched him take a sip and said “Can’t you taste how stale the coffee is?” to which he said “That’s just the way these Keurig K-Cups taste. It’s the way they blend and roast their coffee”

I was shocked, how could they make coffee which tastes so bad?…I started to sob a little bit and said “Who in their right mind drinks this stuff?!”

Then he said something which changed my life!

The man leaned over to me and said “That’s ok… there’s no need to be upset” and he added “There’s nothing wrong with the machine. For my machine at home, I don’t use the regular K-Cups which come with the machine. I use something else which is my little secret.”

“Oh! So you don’t have to use the ones which come with the machine?” i said and he replied “Nope, I use a company called Angelino’s coffee who are based here in LA”

“Angelino’s you say? What’s so good about them?” I replied and he told me “Well, firstly, they source their own beans, roast their coffee fresh and then send it straight to your door. No need to go to the store anymore.”

He pulled up their site on his phone and showed me the dozens of different flavors to choose from all with free shipping and fast delivery.

Just then I jumped out of my seat and gave him a big hug and said “Thank you so much. I had no idea I could get coffee from other suppliers and use it in my machine” and he laughed and said “That’s ok. I hope you enjoy your new machine!”

Life returns to normal… but also better than before!

I jumped on the computer when I got home and went through the Angelino’s site. So many choices, so little time. I decided to order the experience pack to start off with so that I could test out a few different flavors and see what I liked. I completed my order and went about my day.

About a week later, I got home from with and there was my delivery waiting at the front door.

I quickly grabbed the delivery and ran inside as i was so eager to try the new coffee. I had been living on store bought coffee for the last week and wanted to get back into my groove.

The first cup I tried was Donut shop. I put the cup in the machine, pressed down the button and waited for the machine to do it’s magic.

When it had finished pouring, i quickly grabbed the mug and took a big sip. “Oh wow!” I yelled out and my husband came running downstairs thinking that something had gone wrong. He said “Are you ok!?”

I sat back, looked at him and said “Yes! For the first time since I got that coffee machine, I am ok!” and he laughed, then said “You certainly didn’t like your routine being messed up, did you?”

I chuckled and said “No, I didn’t” then added “but life’s back to normal now as this new Angelino’s coffee is WAY better than the stuff I used to drink!”and he said “oh good, crisis averted!”

I rate Angelino's Coffee 4.5 out of 5 stars & recommend trying the experience pack out first.

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