KFC Rolling Out New Coffees in UK

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 8.56.58 am

In an effort to mark the nationwide launch of its new Lavazza coffee offering, KFC has launched a new advertising campaign. Lavazza coffee offerings are to compete directly with McDonald’s and Burger King’s new coffee offerings.

Along with the campaign and press, KFC is also offering its customers a free cup of Lavazza coffee for every three cups purchased. The coffee is being sold at £1.29 a cup

As coffee has become a larger and more important battleground for fast food companies, and as the demand for good coffee grows, KFC is hoping this new coffee roll-out and campaign will provide a similar boost for the company as it has with McDonald’s and other large fast food chains.

VP of marketing for KFC, Jenelle Tilling, states  “We are very excited to be launching freshly ground, premium coffee across our stores in the UK and are confident it will be a great addition to the menu. We’re serious about quality and strive to continuously offer the best-tasting products to our customers by using only the finest ingredients and transparently supply chains. Our coffee, as with any other KFC product, will adhere to this ethos.”