Saving relationships… one cup of coffee at a time!


I’d always been the friend everybody called to talk about their relationships. Maybe it was because I had done psychology as a major when I was in college, but maybe it was also because I would actually sit there and listen – no matter how dramatic or over-the-top the problem was – and let’s face it, we all have friends who are way too dramatic when it comes to their personal lives.

So it was no surprise when my friend Laura turned up on my doorstep with nothing more than her phone in her hand, in the rain, sobbing uncontrollably. Yes, really. Like a scene out of love actually or the notebook, except for the fact I am not Ryan Gossling and this is no love story!

I heard the doorbell ring and opened the door to hear“oh my god… I am so sorry. I just had to come past and talk. Everything has gone wrong and I just can’t take it anymore.”

I looked at her in her disheveled state. Gave her a bit of a cheeky and yet caring look and said“Looks like you’ve had a pretty crappy night. Come in here and let’s get you dry and warm!” and as I said that she burst even more into tears and I couldn’t help but let out a laugh and said“oh, this is so dramatic. Is somebody filming this?!”Which made her laugh also and she said“oh shoosh… I couldn’t help it!”

Once I got her inside and in front of the fire, sat her down and toweled her off, and said to her “Just wait here for a second. Let me make you something warm” and she nodded at me and kept sobbing quietly to herself.

The story worthy of its own novel!

I went off to the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine and proceeded to make her a nice hot cup of coffee. I got some biscuits out and some chocolate and went back into the lounge room where she was sitting – sobbing.

I sat down next to her and gave her the cup and said “Now, tell me what the hell has happened. Don’t leave any details out!”

For the next half an hour or so, I heard the most dramatic story. It involved secret messages, broken hearts, a mistress, and even a private eye. To be honest, it was one of the greatest stories ever told. It belonged in a Danielle Steel novel.

After hearing all of that, I said to her“So… are you going to turn this into a novel?… It would be a best seller for sure!” and she looked at me with a furious stare like I wasn’t taking her seriously but then I burst out laughing and she couldn’t help but laugh too and she said“Oh, you’re such a teaser!” and laughed out loud too.

Pfew, I had hoped she would respond like that but it was definitely a risky move!. After a good laugh, some more tears, and a bit of settling down. I told her that she hadn’t even touched her coffee yet.

A dramatic yet predictable ending!

She took a big sip and said“What is this?… I think my tastebuds must be a bit messed up from all the champagne I had earlier because this doesn’t taste like normal coffee!” I said“What do you mean? This is from my Keurig machine. It’s my everyday coffee”

She stopped and stared at me and said“Hang on, how come it tastes so creamy and fresh?”I shrugged my shoulders and said“I literally drink this everyday” then added“let me go make you a fresh cup as that will be cold – then tell me what you think!”

This time she followed me into the kitchen and stood there as I made it and she said“You’ve got the same coffee machine as me but what the hell are these K-Cups? The design looks different!”

I told her“Oh, that’s Angelino’s coffee. I started buying from them during the pandemic as I couldn’t get my local coffee anymore and never went back!”

I made her another cup, handed it over to her, and watched her eyes light up. She looked like a dear in the headlights, to be honest. Maybe it was the running mascara and puffed-up eyes more than the coffee, but she looked stunned.

I said to her “Are you ok? You look like you’re in a trance there!” and she stopped, looked at me, and said“This is the best coffee I’ve ever tasted!” and added,“I’ve been drinking the stuff that came with the machine and it’s disgusting!”

She smirked at me and said“Give me a box of that coffee to take home please” and I said “Sure, here’s a variety pack. It’s got lots of different flavors in it” to which she replied “Thanks so much” as she put it in her handbag.

Then she paused, looked at me dead seriously, and said“Ok, I love this coffee… but not it is definitely time for more champagne and some trashy TV!”which made me laugh so hard my coffee came out my nose!

We both laughed for about 5 minutes straight with tears of joy before I grabbed a bottle of champagne, some ice cream and said“Let’s go watch the Kardashians. It’s time you forgot all about your problems!”and I said to her ““But don’t forget to put this box of Angelino’s coffee in your handbag so you’ve got it for your hangover in the morning!”

I rate Angelino's Coffee 4.5 out of 5 stars & recommend trying the experience pack out first.

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