The Benefits of Ordering K-Cups Straight From a Roastery


What Makes Great Tasting Coffee?

The first step in making a great cup of joe is buying freshly roasted specialty coffee. Raw coffee beans are an agricultural product. The difference in quality and flavor profiles vary from bean to bean and farm to farm. Does each carrot you buy at the grocery store look exactly the same? Nope. The same goes for coffee. That’s why it’s important to find a coffee brand you trust to ethically source one-of-a-kind, flavor-packed coffee beans.
The Bedrossian family has a three-generation history in the coffee business. Kirk Bedrossian and his father have spent years traveling the four corners of the world to seek out the best coffee beans to make delicious Angelino’s K-cups. In this journey, they met farmers and growers that turned into long-lasting relationships. To this day, that connection still plays a large role in cultivating the unique taste of Angelino’s coffee.

how long does coffee stay fresh?

How Long Does Coffee Stay Fresh?

If you’ve ever had a dry or bland cup of coffee, here’s why. The freshness of coffee is dependent on many things, but most importantly, the shelf-life prior to purchase plays the largest role. Once coffee beans are ground, they begin losing freshness and flavor after just two to three weeks. This does not include the time spent between transporting from warehouse to supermarket, and from supermarket to store shelves. By the time you purchase your K-cups, they could very well have been sitting for more than a 3-4 week time frame, resulting in the flavorless coffee you taste.

What Happens to Coffee in Storage?

The three enemies of coffee freshness and flavor:

  1. Heat. Molecules move faster at higher temperatures. Consequently, decay happens more quickly at higher temperatures.
  2. Light. Exposure to light rays leads to photodegradation of some of the compounds in the coffee.
  3. Air. Particularly the oxygen in the atmosphere leads to oxidation.

These three elements all contribute to the deprivation of the flavor compounds in roasted coffee. The fresh and bright acids in the coffee turn into bitter compounds. This results in the sweetness disintegrating and the vibrant aromas held by oils in the coffee beans oxidizing into a dull and empty coffee. Every time that you open that bag of ground coffee to get your few spoonfuls for a single serving, you are introducing new air and moisture into the bag. Consequently, the flavor compounds in that ground coffee will deteriorate more and more each day.

Best Type of Coffee for a Fresh Tasting Cup Each Day

Now that we know how quickly roasted coffee degrades, how do we go about making sure that the coffee we brew each morning remains as fresh as can be? One way to do this is to buy coffee beans instead of ground coffee. Coffee beans hold on to their divine aromas and nuances more easily than ground coffee. This is because of the smaller surface area exposed to those three enemies (light, heat, air) that we mentioned earlier.

K-Cups seal in the freshness.

K-Cups Seal in the Freshness

Maybe you don’t want to invest in a burr grinder and spend time grinding your beans each time you make a cup of coffee. If convenience matters more to you, K-cups are the way to go! At Angelino’s, they fill each K-cup with fresh coffee immediately after grinding. The cups are sealed, and nitrogen flushed to ensure optimal freshness. This sealing and flushing process ensures that the K-cups are impermeable to light, oxygen, and moisture. This means the coffee sealed in Angelino’s K-cups can stay fresher for longer than ground coffee in a regular bag, albeit with a resealable closure.

The Advantages of Home-Brewing with K-Cups

As of 2020, more than 40% of Americans own a single-cup coffee maker. Convenience has never been more important than now, which is why brands that offer variety is a deal breaker. Many Americans are turning to this form of coffee brewing is widely popular and here’s why:

  1. K-cups are cost-effective. Depending on the city that you live in you can expect to pay between $3 and $5 for a cup of specialty coffee from your local coffee shop. You can buy a minimum of 7 Angelino’s K-cups for the same price. The savings are unbelievable!
  2. Another advantage: You can skip the café lines each morning. Let’s face it, the cost of coffee plus the long wait was never going to be worth it. It’s way more convenient to brew your cup at home, you save time and money.

How Long Does It Take for K-Cups to Travel from the Roastery to You?

The K-cups that you buy at the supermarket have likely been sitting on that supermarket shelf for a couple of weeks or more. The same goes for ordering from a major online retailer. Before they make their way to the supermarket, those K-cups are stored in a warehouse for several months at a time. Supermarket bought K-cups can be anywhere between three and five months old. Fresh flavor? Not exactly. Not only does this long storage detrimentally affect the coffee’s flavor profile, it also adds to the cost of that K-cup before you pop it into your Keurig coffee maker.

For the Freshest Coffee, Try Angelino's

For the Freshest Coffee, Try Angelino’s

Angelino’s is a family-owned coffee company. They believe that every cup of coffee should be packed with flavor and put a smile on your face. Their secret method is that everything is done in-house. They meticulously roast the hand-selected beans at their roastery in Los Angeles. The roasted beans are then ground and immediately packaged on-site too.

In this way, they cut out the middlemen and deliver from their roastery directly to your door. The benefits of this are two-fold:

  1. You receive super fresh coffee within three to five days of roasting. Not your usual four to five months like typical grocers and retailers.
  2. In addition, Angelino’s can deliver their coffee to you at a much better price because they are not paying for distribution feeds and months and months of storage.

What’s more, they deliver every order free of charge!

Order Great Tasting Coffee Today!

Do you want to experience what consistently fresh coffee tastes like in the comfort of your own home? The Angelino’s website is informative and easy to navigate, making it a pleasure to select and purchase your coffee order. Grab yourself an Angelino’s Assorted Variety Pack to taste a selection of the terrific coffees that they have on offer! Angelino’s has an amazing variety of different coffees, flavored coffees, and organic teas to select from. Additionally, you have the option to activate an auto-delivery, so you never have to worry about running out of coffee ever again!

Thanks to Angelino’s, I got my morning coffee back, at a price that didn’t break the family budget. You can try it, too, by clicking here for over 24 different coffees for as low as $0.39 per cup!