What Makes Owning A Keurig So Convenient?


Keurig coffee machines are worth it. Its growing popularity is not going away any time soon. Even if you don’t drink much coffee, people all over the country use it for many reasons, and with good reason! 

As we get busy with our day-to-day activities, all we want is a little convenience, am I right? Here are some reasons why owning a Keurig is convenient and completely life-changing.

Keurigs Brew As Fast As One Minute

This has got to be one of the most appealing aspects of the Keurig. Its quick brewing capability and simplicity is the reason it has its rep in the coffee industry. It sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s not. Of course, be sure to turn on your Keurig in advance to get it started, then once you pop in your k-cup, it starts brewing coffee literally within seconds. 1 minute vs. 15 minutes at a coffee shop…I think the answer is obvious!

You Can Prep Your Iced Coffee

During the summer, this is really when it comes in handy. If you have a large pitcher handy, then this tip will be your holy grail! I take my favorite Angelino’s Dark Roast and brew several cups of it, let it cool down and store it in a pitcher in my fridge. This process barely takes up any time in your weekend to prepare for the week, and I love it because this roast can pair well with a lot of my coffee recipes when I have more time to spice things up in the week. 

It’s Extremely Versatile

Unlike many other coffee machines, you can use your Keurig for practically anything you can think of. Whether you’re brewing your normal cup of coffee or wanting to use the steaming hot water to make instant noodles, it’s designed to be useful every single day. 

Yes, that’s right, instant noodles! Ever in a lazy mood where you don’t feel like cooking dinner? I get that way too. Before I do this, I’ll make sure there isn’t a k-cup in when I run the hot water. It works just the same way. I’d recommend doing this with instant oatmeal too! 

For the winter, I usually brew a cup of hot cocoa for the whole family to enjoy and it has been a wonderful weekly tradition for all of us. 

Save Money With Bulk Orders

This is my favorite part! I stopped my frequent visits to the coffee shop, spending money on coffee I never finished. It was such a bad habit! But once I found the brand of coffee I loved, I saved so much money and was able to have the same amount of variety at home. I started with purchasing the Angelino’s Assorted Variety Pack because I couldn’t decide what blend to get. I was actually really shocked by the number of options that were included. I enjoyed all of them but it did help me narrow down the ones I liked for my next order.

Once I decided on my favorites, I signed up to get an auto-delivery every month of multiple boxes to last me. This handy little feature has been so helpful. I haven’t had to think twice about checking how many k-cups I had left and whether I had to make time to take a trip to the store.

Take advantage of getting over 24 different coffees for as low as $0.39 per cup when you build a box here or use the promo code: PC10P001 for an additional 10% of your order. We all love a good deal!